Welcome to Jainfoodrecipe.com which is all about 100% vegetarian food plus no onion, no garlic & no potato…

It will be useful for all the people who does not consume onion, garlic and potato (Jain, Swaminarayan) and all the vegetarian people..

The purpose of this website is to provide recipes,  grocery items and much more which is difficult to find in day to day life… All the recipes on this site are made at home and tasted…


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  1. dishita says:

    please send me all recipes and newsletters

    • admin says:

      Hi Dishita,

      For the update you can subscribe to “RSS Feed” or keep visiting the site regularly. Thanks!

      Email subscription option will be coming up soon!

  2. madhavi Jain says:

    plz email me jain delicious punjabi recipes

  3. madhavi Jain says:

    plz email me jain delicious punjabi recipes,will be eagerlywaiting

  4. visalene says:

    please send to me all jain recipes and news

  5. admin says:

    @Madhavi, & @visalene.. You can sign up for “Email Subscription” to get the updates when any recipes get added on the site.

  6. riya shah says:

    Superb work..! v Jains rock 😀

  7. madhu kishore says:

    please send me all lain recipe to my mail. i love lain recipe

    • JainFoodRecipe.com says:

      Hi Madhu,

      You can subscrible your email address to get notification in your email box whenever a new post is added.


  8. mayur dedhia says:

    i found this website quiet by accident, and saw the selection . its quiet useful and i wish that i had access to this info when i was in US. i follow a strict Jain diet and had lots of fun using the old method of finding edible Jain food in Florida(reading each an every items ingredient list).
    Also i would like request that you check the ingredients of the cheese’s used by subway/dominoes. because the way i saw them using the cheese, they used ready grated cheese sometimes (especially provolone but maybe others ) this is more true for dominoes then subway as subway uses cheese slices usually. the grated variety of most cheese caries Potato Starch as stabilizing agent and cannot be used by Jain’s. so if you could please check up on this?

  9. Shivani says:


    Great initiative! Is there a way we can contribute our recipes, too?


    • JainFoodRecipe.com says:

      Right now feature to add your recipe is not available. but if you want, I would post it on behalf of you putting your name.


  10. sarang dalal says:

    please let me know how to order jain pizza menu from dominos only

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