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  1. jenis says:


  2. admin says:

    Thanks Jenis, Please keep visitng us for more recipes & other information.

  3. Sushil Munot says:

    Thanks for sharing the information!! I am glad to know about the subway. Can you please share with us the details of some other restaurants also. Once again thanks!!

    • admin says:

      Hello Sushil, Thanks for visiting More Franchise restaurants are coming up! The website is still under development.. Many more things to come..please keep visiting.

  4. mayur dedhia says:

    i found this website quiet by accident, and saw the selection . its quiet useful and i wish that i had access to this info when i was in US. i follow a strict Jain diet and had lots of fun using the old method of finding edible Jain food in Florida(reading each an every items ingredient list).
    Also i would like request that you check the ingredients of the cheese’s used by subway/dominoes. because the way i saw them using the cheese, they used ready grated cheese sometimes (especially provolone but maybe others ) this is more true for dominoes then subway as subway uses cheese slices usually. the grated variety of most cheese caries Potato Starch as stabilizing agent and cannot be used by Jain’s. so if you could please check up on this?
    other then that I would suggest that all Jain’s be careful while selecting your food, the smallest of ingredients can be from an animal source…. so do your research if you serious about your diet and do need to eat out..

    • says:

      Hi Mayur,

      Thank you for writing. To answer your question regarding the cheese in Dominos. Please checkout the cheese listed under “Dominos-what to eat” which does not list “Feta” & “Parmesan-Asiago” as they contain Potato starch..also, detailed ingredients link is provided.

      Hope this helps!! Let us know if having any other questions/comments. Please keep visting!

      Thank you!

  5. Rishabh Jain says:

    Please also add hindi language recipes…

  6. kavita jain says:

    Thank god tat I got ths site…….very much helpful fr me… am not a gud cook.plz send me ur all jain recipies…plz plz plzzzzzz

  7. bharat says:

    what types of cookies are suitable for us

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