Jain Grocery Items

Making attempt to give all the available Jain food Items (mainly no onion, no garlic, no potato) in regular Grocery store.


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  1. riddhi says:


  2. neha says:

    Thanks a lot for putting up this website. To be following Jain eating habits in The U.S is pretty difficult , but can be done . I am happy for websites like yours which encourage we jains to continue with our daily life . Thanks again

    • JainFoodRecipe.com says:

      Thanks Neha for visiting. Trying to provide the information with best of my knowledge. Hope it helps everyone! Keep visiting

  3. bharat says:

    i am truly grateful to you to provide this information
    Bhagvaan Tamaaru Bhalu thajo!!!!!!!

  4. saloni says:

    Hi, my son is on gfcf diet plus we are jains. Are there any egg replacers which are gluten free and jain? Any gfcf bread recipes which is healthy?

    • JainFoodRecipe.com says:

      Hi Saloni,

      If you go to organic section in grocery store or Whole food corp. you should be able to find gluten free egg replacer. you can check for “Bob Mill” brand they may have similar egg replacer you are looking for. Hope that helps!

      Thank you for visiting jainfoodrecipe.com!

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