Green Pepper Panini

green pepper paniniVery quick and easy panini recipe with very few ingredients that satisfy your street food craving easily!!!

Serving size: 2 Panini





6  bread – pepperidgefarm farmhouse oatmeal bread ( you can use any type of panini bread, dont use normal sandwich bread for better result)
1 cup – white cheddar shredded cheese
3/4 cup -finely chopped green pepper
1 finely chopped jalapeno – 1
Green chutney (Cilantro chutney)
chat masala
panini Maker ( or you can use skillet)

In a bowl mix cheese,green pepper & jalapeno. devide the mixture in 4 portions.
Take the 3 breads.
Pre-heat the panini maker.
Take one bread spread butter & green chutney. Spread 1 portion of cheese-pepper mixture on it. Take another bread spread butter , chutney. put that side on top of the mixture. Spread the butter on top side of the bread. spread 2nd portion of cheese-pepper mixture. Spread butter on 3rd bread & put that side on top of the mixture.
Now put the sandwich in panini maker. & let it toast for 2 min or so.
if you dont have panini maker, toast the both side with some butter in a nonstick skillet. Be careful if toasting in skillet as it is a huge panini.

After 2 minutes, check if it is golden brown, Green pepper panini is ready!!! spinkle chat masala. Let it rest for 2 min, cut it diagonally – green & white 2 beautiful layers are vissible!!

Serve hot with ketchup… Enjoy!!!

Repeat same with another 3 bread.

(Note: If using any other kind of panini bread, portion of  cheese & pepper mixture varies)



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