What to eat in Restaurants

When one do not eat onion, garlic & potato, the big question comes… “What are available options in Restaurant?”  Here is the answer…..

An attempt to provide food options pure vegetarian plus without onion, garlic, potato & egg free from restaurant franchise in USA.

Find out the product information to make your perfect breakfast/lunch/dinner, learning how to personalize the order.

Below are some of the restaurants …

Note: Please do not consume any of the listed Items if you are not comfortable with the ingredients. The information provided is with best knowledge &  ingredients listed on each restaurant’s website.




11 Responses to What to eat in Restaurants

  1. disha says:

    hey can u plz post about jain pizza order??

  2. pooja says:

    Hey, any idea whether salsarita’s has gelatin in its sour cream? And how about the pizza base or cheesy bread base of Dominos and Papa John’s? Do they have egg yolk in their dough? Thanks!

  3. shah says:

    This is very helpful. Please keep adding more Restaurants

  4. Yash says:


    There was taco bell in the list and now it’s being removed. Any reason for removing it? We can eat certain items there right?


  5. Yash says:

    Aahh :(

    Thanks for the information. That was one among the rarest places I know of where I used to get Jain food. But glad I came to know.

    Thanks for all your help and information.

    • JainFoodRecipe.com says:

      You can still eat refried beans from tacobell that is available in store. Please check out Mexican grocery items on jainfoodrecipe.

      Again thanks for visiting.

  6. Krupa says:

    I can not find list here.. can anyone help?

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