Dosa Batter

Serving: 4-5 People

Now you can make Restaurant style Dosa at your home & it tastes exactly like the one you can get in South India!!!





3 cup parboiled rice
1 cup udad dal
1 tbsp Fenugreek seeds
2 tbsp thick poha
3 tbsp plain yogurt

Mix rice, udad daal, poha in a large bowl, rinse through water to clean it propertly. Add fenugreek seeds. soak them with enough warm water for 8 hours.

After 6-8 hours, rinse them again & drain water. Grind it with less water to have smooth batter. when batter is ready, mix yogurt cover the bowl with lid or plate. leave it at for another 6-8 hours for fermentation. ( I put in oven keeping oven light ON so it gets proper heat- DO NOT TURN ON OVEN)

After 8 hours batter should have good fermentation. mix it add little water if needed so have proper batter consistancy. It should be little thick still pouring consistency & not too runny.

Batter is ready to make dosa!!!  This Dosa tastes excatly like you get it anywhere in South India!

Same day Batter:
If want to have dosa batter ready same day, then soak it early morning like 4.00 am & leave it for 6 hours. Grinde it  around 10-11 am… then leave it for another 8 hours at warm place where it can have good fermentation. batter should be ready by 6-7 pm for dinner!!



1. I usually soak it in the morning so that I can grind in the evening when I return from work, leave overnight & next morning batter is ready. You can do whatever work best for you.

2. Adding poha will make dosa crispy.

3. Add salt to taste just before making dosa. if you want to freeze the batter do not add salt.

4. You can freeze the batter & have it available anytime. freeze it in small quanities & take it out from freezer 1 day ahead you want to make it dosa so that it comes to normal temperature & you do not need to defrost it in microwave.

5. If the batter is having proper consistency, oil is not even needed while making dosa, also do not even have to clean the griddle/tava with damp cloth inbetween which makes job very easy!!




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