Tofu with asparagus and water chestnut (lettuce wrap)


This recipe has all the ingredients that can be adjusted as per your taste and availability so I would call it “as per your taste” recipe.. :)






Ingredients: ( No exact measurement)
Tofu cubed in very small pieces (Drain out access water, wrape it with paper towel for few minutes before cutting)
Asparagus cut into small pieces
water chestnut finely chopped
Sambal oelek chili paste / red chili flakes
soya sauce
brown sugar / regular sugar /La Choy sweet n sour sauce
corn starch

1. Make sauce according to your taste .. Soya sauce+brown sugar /regular sugar/ sweet n       sour sauce+ chilly sauce/ chilly flakes whatever is available
2.  Saute tofu till crispy/ light brown on high flame. Take it out.
3. Saute asparagus and water chestnut till it becomes tender on high flame. Add tofu and         sauce.Let it cook for few minutes.
4. Sprinkle corn starch so that sauce becomes thick and looks like dry.

Serve Hot…Enjoy as Lettuce wrap!!!



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